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IRB approval from the researcher's institution.

Signed data use agreements from DOH data programs.

Permission from a County Health Department.

If it is not research, a letter is sent to the researcher.

If the study is research, then the researcher is sent an initial application package.

If revisions are needed, HRPP staff will send back an outline of the changes to the researcher.

The Department's Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) conducts a pre-review of the initial application package.

A researcher must obtain the following before requesting review, if applicable:

Researcher completes a determination

application at

Researchers will receive a determination of either

human subjects research, quality improvement,

public health practice

or exemption.

Once the application is complete, HRPP staff assigns an IRB member to review.

The IRB board approves or disapproves the researcher's study.

HRPP sends approval letter to researcher.

If a researcher has modifications to the study or would like to continue or close the study, please complete another application



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